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adoptables are character designs made specifically to be sold. I love sending my designs out into the world to people who will appreciate them! this page aims to explain my terms & conditions regarding the sale of these designs, as well as what your rights are as a buyer.


payment is in $ USD. I accept Paypal only at this time.


the character is yours ONLY after you have sent the full payment.

after you decide to purchase a character ('claiming' them), please DM me your Paypal address so I may send an invoice.


please have the money on hand. once the invoice is sent, the payment must be completed within an hour or the next interested customer will be contacted.

after payment is done, I will send to you the unwatermarked and higher-quality image of the adoptable with a transparent background. now they belong to you!

no refunds! only buy what you are sure you want. if you no longer want the adoptable, I don't mind if you resell it.

please do not claim my original art or design as your own.


whatever you like, really-- give it a name, a personality, a backstory, dress it up or down, assign it a gender (or don't!), have fun! you could use it for a story, a roleplay, a comic, or just to keep and draw or admire.

using the design on products you intend to sell is fine, but please do not use the original artwork on it-- you bought the design, not the original drawing!

please credit me for the design when appropriate.

I have no qualms with my designs being used for NSFW content, but I may politely request that you keep it at least somewhat tasteful!

for commercial use, I would like to know where my designs are being used and I ask that you credit me for the design with my name & a link to my website or twitter.


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